About Us

Silverton Jewelers President - Annalysa Anderson Wareham
President - Annalysa Anderson Wareham


Silverton Jewelers is owned and operated by Annalysa Anderson Wareham. she was born and raised in Silverton, Oregon. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, at twenty she started her first business in Silverton, successfully contributing to the community for ten years. In early 2014 she sold Le Pooch and decided to pursue her love of jewelry.

Graduating from Oregon State University with a focus on Art History and Social Aesthetics it was a natural fit for Annalysa to continue her education at the Gemological Institute of America, combining science with the fascination and beauty of jewelry throughout history.

Prior to opening Silverton Jewelers, Annalysa worked for a well-known Portland Jeweler. The landmark Packouz Jewelers was founded in 1917 and is known in Portland as the most prestigious independently owned jewelry store in Oregon. Working with Portland’s top clientele at Packouz was a fulfilling experience for Annalysa and ultimately gave her the inspiration to bring her experience to her hometown.

Opening Silverton Jewelers in August 2015 was about realizing a dream and filling a need in Silverton. Participating in the local economy, living the small town lifestyle, and utilizing an education and passion for jewelry are all part of what makes this new endeavor a success to Annalysa already.